Taktshang, The Tiger nest in Paro.

Ar-ring Tours and Trek is a travel company with a purpose. We are a social business that operates for the benefit of addressing a social need rather than to maximize profit. At Gala Bhutan Travel we seek to serve the most disadvantaged in our community.

We are more concerned with customer care and personalized services. We are committed to delighting and educating our clients, friends through quality & responsible travel opportunities.

Our program offer travelers many exciting and enriching ways to stay connected to the Bhutanese culture and tradition.

We have professional guides who are dedicated to "local" travel. They will provide detail information on every places, its historical background and give chance to meet with the local people to witness the real life style of Bhutanese people.

Some of the many reasons to travel with Arring Tours and Trek Destination include:

Learn on the go.

We have a professional guide dedicated to "local" travel. They will provide the detail information on every place, its historical background and give chance to meet with the local people to witness the real lifestyle of Bhutanese people. It will be an opportunities to learn and know them by seeing yourself.

Get more for your money.

Traveling is an investment, and we make sure you get the best value for your money. Our trips allow you to stretch your travel dollar so that you can experience a wide variety of cultural, festivals and recreational activities without any surprise charges.

We do all the work.

Convenience. Ease of travel. No hassle vacations. Every detail, from transportation and lodging to sightseeing activities, is discussed and consulted with you as per your time frame and budget so that your only job visit Bhutan and enjoy that has to offer for you!

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